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HR McMaster Publically Corrects Trump : Military Civilian Conflict in US Administration over cost of THADD Deployment in South Korea

Democracy and Class Struggle says the THADD Deployment in South Korea is bringing tensions all around necessitating H R Master of the US National Security Council to publically correct Trump.

China is also very angry over THADD Deployment which Chinese Diplomats failed stop angering the Chinese Military.

Civil Miliary Tensions all around

The May 9th Elections in South Korea may Elect a Peace President who would not agree with THADD Deployment.

Watch this space - THADD

Red, Revolutionary, Internationalist May Day! : 2017 Statement from Marxist Leninist Maoist Parties and Organisations

“The flag of the October Revolution is invincible!”- Mao Zedong

This year marks the Centenary of the October Revolution.

Imperialists, reactionaries, reformists, and all kinds of opportunists are making efforts to delete, obscure, denigrate and sully this event, as they did last year with the 50th anniversary of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

They do so because they know that the great message coming from these events for the proletarians and the masses is more and more present.

To get rid of imperialism, capitalism, war, exploitation of the proletariat and oppression of peoples we must make the proletarian revolution!

The working class must tear off the political power from the ruling classes, establish its power, its state─the dictatorship of the proletariat─and construct socialism; it must develop and continue the revolution in each country and in the world to get rid of all the chains of imperialism and march towards communism world-wide.

The imperialist system shows to be what Lenin analysed and described in his great work “Imperialism highest stage of capitalism”: a rotten and decadent system.

Imperialism and its governments, at all latitudes, continue crossing a deep economic and financial, political and social crisis, and unload their crisis on the proletarians and the masses internally, and on the oppressed people and nations internationally.

Imperialism is economic war, war of aggression and looting for a new division of the world.
Imperialism is reaction and fascism. Imperialism is the last stage of capitalism and shows every day more the need to overthrow it.

That is why the message of Lenin and the October Revolution is more alive than ever!

In the US, under the strongest imperialism, Trump’s victory reflects the crisis of Yankee imperialism and its attempt to get out of that accentuating the economic war, the military rule, the control on geopolitical strategic regions, redefining the alliances in the different theatres of war in the world.

Trump’s victory shows the barbarity of the so-called “American democracy”: a fascist billionaire in power, waging war against the poor masses internally and the oppressed peoples internationally.

Trump’s victory feeds, in all imperialist countries, the reaction, the police State, militarization, permanent emergency state and internal war against proletarians, women’s rights, against Afro American people, against immigrants with walls and expulsions, against Muslims and Arabs, against any progressive idea in schools, universities, mass medias, culture, art.

The new aggressive phase of US imperialism sharpens the inter-imperialist contradictions, with Russian imperialism, atomic superpower; with China, new social-imperialist power; and with the countries of imperialist Europe, currently under the German hegemony.

The global contest between the imperialist countries for the division of markets and the fight to control the energy resources originates and feeds wars of aggression and reactionary wars, sowing death, massacres and destruction all over the world.

It is the imperialist wars of aggression in every corner of the world that give rise to the great wave of immigration!

It is the barbarism of imperialist wars and the “homecoming” of these wars even in the heart of the imperialist citadels that blood the streets of the imperialist countries themselves!

In all the imperialist countries, the states and the governments of the masters of the world develop an internal war against the proletarians and the masses, who are driven by the crisis, oppression and repression to fight and to rebel more and more.

In the countries oppressed by imperialism, proletarians and oppressed people intensify the anti-imperialist and national liberation struggles; in particularly we need to support the Palestinian and Arab people struggle against Zionist state and imperialism, and the people’s wars.

From India to Philippines, from Turkey to Peru, the people’s war, guided by Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties, is the reference for the way to get free from imperialism, the reactionary regimes and to build states of New Democracy, marching towards socialism.

The People’s War in India, today celebrating the 50th Anniversary of “Naxalbari uprising” that has opened this way, fights against massacres, Green Hunt Operation, repression against Maoists, Adivasi people, democratic and revolutionary intellectuals and students, against workers, peasants, women struggles, against national minorities; it shows that nothing can stop the people’s war and the liberation struggle of the people as nothing can stop international support.

The October Revolution and the great Lenin showed that we cannot fight and win against imperialism and its states without fighting revisionism and opportunism.

The objective conditions are favourable for revolution, because it is the principal tendency in the world .All the forces of social-democracy, the ex “communist” parties became revisionists and reformists; they lose credit among the masses and proved to be useless tools to defend the living and working conditions of the masses, to oppose imperialism, war, fascism and the police state.

Beside the crisis of these forces, we are witnessing the rise of reactionary populist tendencies and fundamentalist reactionary movements that divide the masses to tie them to the car of this or that imperialism and, ultimately, to the most reactionary fractions of imperialism, bourgeoisie and the regimes serving them.

Proletarians and masses must firmly reject the illusions of the parliamentary and peaceful paths, aimed to disarm them, and boldly undertake the revolutionary path.People’s War is the most advanced form to accomplish the revolution; that is why we must support it in all countries where it already begun and prepare it in all other countries, applying it to the concrete conditions of each country.

It needs to build genuine communist parties that will be the vanguard of the working class and leading core of all the people.The Communist Parties, based on the revolutionary science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism are built into the fire of the class struggle in close connection with the masses, for the beginning and development of the people’s war, applied to reality.

The Communist Parties must build the United Front of the exploited masses, of all sections oppressed by imperialism and develop the necessary tactics, according to the form that the political and military domination takes.

In the imperialist countries, the Communist Parties must integrate in their ranks the new migrant proletarians,by playing a vanguard role in their fight against over-exploitation, slavery, racism.

The Communist Parties must gather and organize the rebellion of the youth and the struggle of women as a powerful force for the revolution.

They must fight their own imperialism as the main enemy of the proletariat and the oppressed peoples, taking side resolutely with the masses of the nations attacked.

Today in particularly we must fight against thei mperialist occupation of Afghanistan, the imperialist aggression on Syria and nuclear menaces against NorthKorea.

The imperialist war and the reactionary dictatorship of bourgeoisie bring the need for the communist parties to equip themselves for opposing to imperialist war with people’s war and build their fighting force as nucleus of the red army.

The people’s wars, beside the policies of genocide, also face the pitfalls of peace negotiations, which, far from allowing people’s wars to grow in strength and consolidation in the view of the strategic offensive, are aimed to divert, suffocate and split them, to lead them to surrender.

Internationalism is unity between the proletariat and the oppressed peoples in the world against the common enemy.

Internationalism is “working whole-heartedly for the development of the revolutionary movement and the revolutionary struggle in one’s own country, and supporting (by propaganda, sympathy, and material aid) this struggle, this, and only this, line, in every country without exception.” - Lenin

Internationalism is the construction of a new international organization, which, addressing the current problems of the Communists, will be able to move towards a general line of ICM and a new Communist International.

Long Live the 100th Anniversary of the Great October Revolution!

Death to Imperialism! On the way to protracted people’s war in all the world!

Long Live the Struggles of Proletarians and Oppressed Peoples in the World!

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

For a Red and Socialist Future,

Marching to Communism!


Collective of Iranian Maoists
Committee for Building the Maoist Communist Party, Galicia, Spanish State
Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
Communist Movement of Serbia
Communist Nucleus Nepal
Communist Party of Brazil Red Fraction – CPB (RF)
Communist Party of India (Maoist)*
Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist)
Democracy and Class Struggle, British State
Klassenstandpunkt, Class Position, Editorial Sta-, Germany
Maoist Communist Movement Tunisia
Maoist Communist Party – France
Maoist Communist Party – Italy
Maoist Communist Party Manipur
Maoist Revolutionary League – Sri Lanka
Organisation de Travail Communiste – Tunisie
Parti des Khadéhines – Tunisie
Revolutionary Communist Party (Québec District)
Revolutionary Praxis – Great Britain
Union Obrera Comunista (MLM) – Colombia
Workers Voice – Malaysia

Last Journey of Comrade Narayan Sanyal - A Red Flame that Illuminated the struggle


No To Trumps' War Against People of Korea : May 25th - 4.-30 to 8pm Protest Outside US Embassy in London

UK KFA will do all it can to increase our solidarity with Peoples Korea , we have a meeting planned and two pickets .

No to THAAD , independence and reunification for south Korea! May 25th  3pm to 4pm outside south Korean puppet embassy 60 Buckingham Gate , London

No to Trumps War against Peoples Korea! May 25th 4-30 to 6pm outside US Embassy Grosvenor Square London

Organised by the UK Korean Friendship Association . email or uk or

The Capitalist Unconscious: From Korean Unification to Transnational Korea by Hyun Ok Park

Democracy and Class Struggle says looking at Labour Migration between North Korea and China and Korean Chinese migration to South Korea  as a Transnational Korean framework  is quite productive - some may even say provocative. 

We do not agree with all  the views of Hyun Ok Park but find her approach from migrant point of view an innovative thinking approach to Korean Reality.

Hyun Ok Park explains the sorts of narratives that have been generated in South Korea about North Korea and their contradictions and how South Korean activists who call themselves Leftists end up supporting "free market" ideology.

We are reminded of Trojan Horse Strategy of Kim Dae Jung :

Kim Dae Jung’s strategy is to help Pyongyang with aid and development, tap its cheap labor and build goodwill and infrastructure that are also in South Korea’s interest 

Everyone has to keep up the pretense that nothing will happen to the North Korean regime, that you can open up and keep your power and we’ll help you make deals with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank… But ultimately, we hope it does undermine them. It’s the Trojan horse

The unification of North and South Korea is widely considered an unresolved and volatile matter for the global order, but this book argues capital has already unified Korea in a transnational form.

As Hyun Ok Park demonstrates, rather than territorial integration and family union, the capitalist unconscious drives the current unification, imagining the capitalist integration of the Korean peninsula and the Korean diaspora as a new democratic moment.

Based on extensive archival and ethnographic research in South Korea and China,

The Capitalist Unconscious shows how the hegemonic democratic politics of the post-Cold War era—reparation, peace, and human rights—have consigned the rights of migrant laborers—protagonists of transnational Korea—to identity politics, constitutionalism, and cosmopolitanism. (not to Class Struggle )

Park reveals the riveting capitalist logic of these politics, which underpins legal and policy debates, social activism, and media spectacle.

While rethinking the historical trajectory of Cold War industrialism and its subsequent liberal path, this book also probes memories of such key events as the North Korean and Chinese revolutions, which are integral to migrants’ reckoning with capitalist allures and communal possibilities.

Casting capitalist democracy within an innovative framework of historical repetition, Park elucidates the form and content of the capitalist unconscious at different historical moments and dissolves the modern opposition among socialism, democracy, and dictatorship.

The Capitalist Unconscious astutely explores the neoliberal present’s past and introduces a compelling approach to the question of history and contemporaneity.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Who’s Lying About that Aircraft Carrier? Peter Lee

Civil and Military Conflicts in USA and China - both getting annoyed with political masters

Most of Brazil Paralyzed as Unions Implement One Day General Strike

Korea is One - For Re- Unification of the Korean People - Smash US Imperialism

The Day of the Sun break of the Unification of Korea is not far ahead;

The Korean people must take their future into their own hands and OUT of the hands of US Imperialism.

Democracy and Class Struggle Says:

Out of the great tension and struggle of the moment - the ingenuity of the Korean People will arise and save their motherland - believe in the People


Trump's Hundred Days a Gift to Comedy in USA

France : Neither Le Pen, nor Macron ! Boycott the elections ! OCML VP : “fear won’t make danger go away”

Against Le Pen !

Le Pen likes to style herself as the people’s candidate, claiming to stand against closures and the labour reform ! Who in their right mind would swallow that ?

Le Pen frightens people everywhere. And while no committed activist would fall for her rants about representing the ‘people’, her heated national chauvinism, racism and homophobia spread fear, together with her entourage, the Manif pour Tous organisation opposed to same-sex marriage, which has called to vote for her, etc. Le Pen’s National Front is the basest and hardest wing of the reaction, whipping up the vilest and most reactionary elements of society.

But as the French saying goes : “fear won’t make danger go away”.

And we know full well that a simple vote won’t be enough to combat her. 

And it is worth reminding those with a short memory that voting for Chirac in the second round in 2002 (WE, the militants of VP-OCML did not vote for him !) did nothing to halt the advance of the National Front.

So, whether she’s elected or not, the fight against Le Pen, the National Front & Co. must go on : fighting racism in the workplace and in our neighbourhoods ; fighting fascism and all of the fascist groups ; fighting for equal rights and combatting sexism, racism and LBGTIphobias ; fighting national chauvinism and jingoism in favour of international solidarity and welcoming migrants.

Against Macron !

Macron is backed by everything the employers and the grande bourgeoisie push for though the State. He was the one behind all of the reforms carried out by Hollande and he has already announced his intentions for the future. A candidate who dares to say that he dislikes the word ‘drudgery’ because it gives work a bad name… Sad words indeed, and ones words the workers in the factories, hospitals, transport and public works sectors will not take kindly to !

The list of people who have pledged him their support speaks for itself, from Sarkozy and Pierre Gattaz, head of France’s largest employers’ organisation, to Valls, Hollande and Merkel : all of the people we have been fighting for decades, representatives of those who exploit us. And they have already promised the worst for the years to come !

Macron is young, dynamic and modern : the ideal representative of the bourgeoisie, the social class made up of employers, MPs, the police force and the criminal justice system and the media that condemn us to exploitation and repression in all aspects of our lives, both inside and outside the workplace.

They won’t trick is into voting for the lesser of two evils !

The media steam-roller has shifted into top gear to convince everyone to vote for Macron in order to “keep Le Pen at bay”. And all of us who call for a boycott, abstention or a blank ballot are gagged.
But we will not waver and we will make our voices heard because we know that neither of the two candidates even comes close to representing our interests.
They are both nothing less than candidates who uphold the same old ‘system’.

But unlike Mélenchon or the leadership of the General Confederation of Labour (CGT) who beat around the bush with empty mantras such as “keep Le Pen at bay” in order to avoid criticising those who vote for Macron, we do not mince our words, calling for a BOYCOTT of the second round, refusing to play the filthy game of tactical voting to make our votes ‘count’ (Count for whom and for what ?).

The abstention at the first round rate was considerably lower than expected with only a minority swayed by the call for a BOYCOTT which we supported along with others, thanks to the media onslaught which succeeded in making people initially in two minds about tactical voting feel guilty enough to make their vote ‘count’ in the end. Not much of a surprise there, and the result is there for all to see and for everyone to draw their own conclusions… But isn’t it about time we said no to dancing to their tune ?

We don’t want their rancid democracy !

Many of the people around us were surprised by Fillon’s score in the first round despite all of the skeletons that had fallen out of his cupboard. So much for their rancid democracy !

We witnessed an electoral campaign with littered with dirty tricks, with the farce of the primaries and betrayals, all served up with more or less loaded polls in an attempt to manipulate us.
And no sooner was the first round was over than we saw them start to tear each other to pieces, squabbling over seats in Parliament at the next general elections : in-fighting in the Socialist Party, and the Republicans, scuffles between the Communist Party and the Mélenchon, etc.

It’s time to break out from this system that they want to confine us in, telling us that if you don’t vote, you’re just standing by and letting it happen. But boycotting the elections doesn’t mean sitting around with your arms crossed : it’s the exact opposite of standing by and letting it happen ! We want to take full control over our own affairs and put an end to all of these self-styled political experts who claim to speak on our behalf.

Organise against exploitation and repression !

The militants of Proletarian Way boycotted the first round of the elections and we will do the same again come 7 May, and we call upon all committed militants to follow suit and reject the masquerade of bourgeois democracy.

We have put up with enough hardship, unemployment, job insecurity and drudgery for the sake of capitalist exploitation. We are tired of repression and violence in our neighbourhoods and during demonstrations.

It is a whole ‘system’ that we are fighting, the Capitalist system, where a bourgeois minority exploits and inflicts suffering on the working majority.

- We don’t want to put the system to rights with a new Republic and Capitalism with a human face. We want a different ‘system’, one built by us and for us.
- We want work for all, working less and differently instead of Capitalist exploitation !
- Housing is a right, healthcare is a right, education is a right !
- We want equal rights for nationals and migrants, with or without permits, straight and LGBTI people, men and women !
- We want freedom of movement and residence, international solidarity !
- We want an end to French imperialist attacks, the withdrawal of the troops and international solidarity with the peoples fighting for their rights !
- We want an end to repression and racism ! No more police violence ! No more racist crimes !

Today we need to come together and organise to build an organisation of our own to bring this system down and to build the revolution that we need. Today, the militants of Proletarian Way say to all of our comrades willing to listen that now, more than ever, the time has come to organise ! Join us !