Thursday, December 14, 2017

Moranbong Band & State Merited Chorus concert in celebration of ICBM Hwasong-15 (summary)

Democracy and Class Struggle says after 70 years of nuclear blackmail by the United States of the DPRK

US Can No Longer Mediate Middle East Peace Process - Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian President

Democracy  and  Class Struggle says US action over Jerusalem has even become unacceptable to the Middle East States - to even the running dogs of US imperialism - what has been obvious for ages that the US was the enabler of Israeli expansionism now is obvious to all.

We are witnessing the end of US Role in Middle East but it will probably take one final war to prove it conclusively and the new agents of that US Israeli defeat are stronger than they have ever been in the region.

Contrary to myths the Arab Street is not dead but it is finding new ways to surface and Trump's decision on Jerusalem is revitilizing the Arab Street after a short period of dormancy.

Biding your time until new openings arise shows the intelligence of the Arab Street - and Trumps' decision on Jerusalem is confirmation of the dialectic of history Trumps negation will be  the affirmation of the Palestinian Cause.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Independence debate dominating Catalan Elections


Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine says Emergency Pan-Islamic OIC summit in Istanbul.

Democracy and Class Struggle says the contradictions between Middle East States and USA deepens also the contradictions within Middle East States reach a high point of tension - Trump has spurned his friends in the Arab Elite who risk losing power if they continue covertly or overtly support Israel and US Imperialist Policy.

War with Israel overtly or covertly is a high probability as the situation in Middle East is very unstable and degenerating by the hour.

Is this is the beginning of the end of United States influence in Middle East ?  but as usual it will take a war to prove it in practice - it is important that the Kurds do not find themselves on the wrong side in the coming conflict or it will set them back another 100 years.


Democracy and Class Struggle welcomes release on bail of comrade Kobad Ghandy - a ray of light for us all at the end of 2017 - we share in the pure joy of release of our comrade.

He immediately left for his native place Mumbai after coming out of the jail, sources said.



Lucifer Loses in Alabama - Steve Bannon humbled and people of South speak up

Roy Moore was supposed to be Steve Bannon's first big victory, a cannonball fired into the heart of the Republican establishment and a visible example of the populist-evangelical electoral alliance he was crafting.

Instead, the former Trump campaign head and senior White House adviser has been humbled. His candidate, it turns out, was deeply flawed and he ended up losing what should have been a slam-dunk Senate election.

Mr Bannon has declared all-out war against Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whom he views as insufficiently supportive of Mr Trump's "America first" agenda, and promised to field 2018 primary challengers against every Republican senator running for re-election save Texan Ted Cruz.

If Mr Moore had prevailed, Mr Bannon would probably have found plenty of volunteers ready to lead the charge and deep-pocketed benefactors to finance the efforts.

Now, however, instead of claiming his first scalp, he will be blamed by leaders in his party for narrowing the Republican Senate majority and damaging the party's brand.

Source BBC

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Middle East Is On Verge Of War Following Trump's Recognition Of Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

Democracy and Class Struggle says the video summary above points to Full Scale War breaking out sooner rather than later in Middle East with US and Israel being the targets of a new counter offensive.

While we do not rule out War breaking out on the Korean Peninsula because of US Provocations - we take the view that the coming war is most likely in the Middle East as the cost militarily and politically is seen to be less with a Middle East War than a Second Korean War which would quickly escalate to a Nuclear War.

War is coming - capitalist imperialism has not changed and Trump needs a War more than ever as the Special Prosecutor is getting too close for his personal comfort - there are no seasons greetings -  just warnings.

Terrified Trump Wants A Second Special Counsel To Investigate The Investigators

​Racism and Trumpism in Alabama


Dimitri Lascaris in Greece, speaks with Giogros Gogos, general Secretary of the Dockworkers Union at the Port of Piraeus