Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Plebicite for Peace : South Korean Presidential Election 9th May

Moon Jae-in

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Question of Peace and War dominates the Korean Peninsula and the existential future of Korean People is in the hands of an unstable foreigner Donald J Trump.

The overwhelming majority of People on the Korean Peninsula want Peace and must use the Presidential Election as a Plebicite for Peace and rebuild the sunshine policy towards their brothers and sisters in the North after the wasted corrupted years of Park Guen hye

According to a Gallup poll in late April, 53 percent of respondents age 19 to 29 supported Moon Jae-in, the left-leaning front-runner, while just 17 percent of those older than 60 supported him. Only 11 percent of those between 19 and 29 said they supported presidential candidates from conservative parties -- compared with 20 percent of those above age 60.

The People and The People Alone are the Motive Force in Making World History -Mao ZeDong

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