Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Songs of the French Communist Movement - Renewal of the October 1917 Spirit of Revolution in 2017 - Smash Capitalism for Socialism

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Communist Movement is a Social and not just a Political Movement and will revolutionize all culture it  will produce fighting songs past and present to appeal to the spirit of resistance and revolution.

0:00 Les Nouveaux Partisans (The New Partisans)
3:52 L'Internationale (The Internationale)
10:05 L'appel du Komintern (The Call of the Comintern)
12:30 Zimmerwald
14:46 Quand Fera-t'il Jour Camarade? (When Will the Day Come, Comrade?)
17:27 Octobre (October)
21:36 Gloire au 17ème (Glory to the 17th)
25:07 A Bas l'Etat Policier (Down With the Police State)
27:12 Le Chiffon Rouge (The Red Cloth)
30:45 Il est Cinq Heures (It's Five 'o Clock)
33:50 La Makhnovtchina (The Makhnovist)
38:08 Au Devant de la Vie (In Front of Life)
41:26 Chanson du Conseil pour le Maintien Des Occupations (Song of the Council for Maintaining the Occupations)
44:25 Cogne en Nous le Même Sang (Flowing in Us is the Same Blood)
46:38 Grève Illimitée (Indefinite Strike)
49:29 Chant des Volontaires Français (Song of the French Volunteers)
51:58 Le Front des Travailleurs (The Front of the Workers)
54:03 La Varsovienne (Warszawianka)
56:03 Le Chant des Partisans (The Chant of the Partisans)


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