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Fortress Europe : How EU's Migration Policy Enables Migrant Smuggling

Democracy and Class Struggle  opposes the EU Fortress Europe Policy and exposes those Pro EU leftists who ignore the Fortress Europe Policies.


Steve Bannnon and Catholic Theo Fascism against Pope Francis

Theo Fascism arises from the old Fascist Clericalism of the 1930's  and is one of the varieties of Fascism Mussolini's Corporate Fascism and Hitlers's Nazism being the other.

Steve Bannon is a Theo Fascist and Theo Fascism is part of the ideology driving the Trump Movement.

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Clerical Fascism Revisited

Democracy and Class Struggle continues its investigation of Fascism and looks at one aspect that of pre Second World War Fascism -  the Clerical Fascist movements.

The term clerical fascism (clero-fascism or clerico-fascism) emerged in the early 1920s in Italy, referring to the faction of the Catholic Partito Popolare Italiano which supported Benito Mussolini and his régime; it was supposedly coined by Don Luigi Sturzo, a priest and Christian Democrat leader who opposed Mussolini and went into exile in 1924, although the term had also been used before Mussolini's March on Rome in 1922 to refer to Catholics in Northern Italy who advocated a synthesis of Catholicism and fascism.

Sturzo made a distinction between the "filofascists", who left the Catholic PPI in 1921 and 1922, and the "clerical fascists" who stayed in the party after the March on Rome, advocating collaboration with the fascist government.

Eventually, the latter group converged with Mussolini, abandoning the PPI in 1923 and creating the Centro Nazionale Italiano. The PPI was disbanded by the Fascist régime in 1926.

The term has since been used by scholars seeking to contrast authoritarian-conservative 'clerical fascism' with more radical variants.

Christian fascists focus on internal religious politics, such as passing laws and regulations that reflect their view of Christianity.

Radicalized forms of Christian fascism or clerical fascism (clero-fascism or clerico-fascism) were emerging on the far-right of the political spectrum in some European countries during the interwar period in the first half of 20th century.

Examples of clerical fascism

Examples of dictatorships and political movements involving certain elements of clerical fascism include:

Father Jozef Tiso's régime (Slovak People's Party) in the Slovak Republic (1939–45)
the Croatian Ustaše movement
António Salazar in Portugal
Engelbert Dollfuss in Austria
the Iron Guard movement in Romania, which was led by the devoutly Orthodox Corneliu Zelea Codreanu
the Rexists in Belgium
Vichy France.
the Lapua movement in Finland]

Source: Wikipedia

USA: Steve Bannon is driving a Clash of Civilizations of Judeo Christian values verses Islam a disturbing conflict and apocalyptic vision

Democracy and Class Struggle see's Bannon's simplistic reductionism of Christian good and Muslim Evil has very dangerous.

It ignores how Islamic People are fighting ISIS and in particular forces like the Kurds which are moderate Islamists are eradicating ISIS as are also Hezbollah - clearly the forces to destroy this perversion of Islam that is ISIS are other Muslims and not Christian intruders.

As we have pointed out Trumpism and Bannon at its ideological core owes much to the neo Fascism of Julius Evola and Traditionalism. 

The Post 1945 turn in Fascism was from "scientific" Nazi Racism to Spiritual Fascism of the Judeo Christian Tradition - Evola regarded himself as an Aristocrat of the Soul and despised the proletarian Hitler.


Barcelona - Catalans - Our Home is Your Home

USA: Standing Rock Update by Chase Iron Eyes

Democracy and Class Struggle we are approaching a critical point in the Standing Rock Struggle take careful note of what our brother in struggle Chase Iron Eyes says in this update.

Stephen Miller : Analysis of an Enemy

Steven Bannon, Michael Anton and Stephen Miller are the trio to watch that form the fascistic inner core of the Trump Movement.

They are the falsifiers and creators of a manufactured tradition of Judeo Christian American Firstism -  Trumpism  - a movement which parasitises other ideologies, includes many internal tensions and contradictions, and has chameleon-like adaptations based on the specific historic symbols, icons, slogans, traditions, myths, and heroes of the society it wishes to mobilize - US proto Fascism 

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Electronic Intifada's Ali Abunimah says there should be no territorial partition and forced segregation between Israelis and Palestinians, but instead a single democratic state that equally protects the rights of everyone

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on Trump - the English Translation

Democracy and Class Struggle appreciates the clarity and insights of Hassan Nasrallah the leader of Hezbollah on Middle East Politics even if we also have disagreements with him particularly over the Kurdish Question.

But what we must expose in the west is pernicious Islamophobia - some of the Islamophobes do not seem to appreciate that our Kurdish brothers and sisters are Islamic.

We appreciate both the heroic Kurdish struggle and Hezobollah's struggle against ISIL while understanding the real contradictions amongst them

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First Phase of Raqqa Campaign Nearing Completion by Enwer Omar

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are wrapping up the first phase of the Euphrates Wrath Operation, according to military sources. The operation’s long-term objective is the isolation and elimination of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Raqqa.

According to the SDF’s leadership, they need to capture two more square kilometers in order to meet their initial objectives. The pluralist coalition has already secured 16 km² north of Raqqa city.

The first phase of the Euphrates Wrath Operation aims to isolate Raqqa –ISIS’ de facto capital– from its northern countryside. This will be accomplished by securing the towns of Tel al-Samn and Hazima, which link Ain Issa city with Suluk District.

The SDF’s leadership has decided to increase the campaign’s already blistering tempo. Kurdish officers told ARA News that their forces will quickly expel the ISIS militants holed up in Hisha town. Those militants have been under siege for nearly one week.

Dilber Issa, a Kurdish commander in Raqqa, told ARA News that she was more than satisfied with her soldiers and their accomplishments. “Our forces made remarkable advances within the first week […] and killed dozens of ISIS terrorists in northern Raqqa,” She said.

“Also, there are many injured ISIS members who were taken as prisoners,” Issa added. “Clashes are still ongoing. Only a few kilometers in northern Raqqa are still in ISIS hands, and we’ll clear that area very soon.”

Abu Saqr al-Raqqawi, an SDF soldier at the front, shared the commander’s assessment of the campaign. He told ARA News that the “developments are so far in line with our plans.”

The Syrian Democratic Forces launched the Euphrates Wrath Operation earlier this week, with support from the US-led coalition. The SDF intends to hand control of the city over to its residents after the campaign is completed.

Reporting by: Enwer Omar

Source: ARA News


SDF Commander Simko Derik has told reporters that the first phase of Raqqa operation has been completed. According to Simko 100 villages & farms have been liberated, 150 families freed and 150 IS members killed.

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Trump : Saving Democracy by Destroying it ? The False Dichotomies of Bourgeois Thought

Deutsche Bank and Donald Trump and the laundering of Russian Money - Russian Oligarchs and Trump the real love affair.

Economist James Henry explains why we should take Deutsche Bank's findings about Trump's assets with a grain of salt.

Democracy and Class Struggle says that the coming implosion of the Trump Regime will leave a lot of collateral damage - the further countries like Russia are away from Trump the less damage will be done.

It is Trump's Perestroika ( Restructuring) and will have the same result as Gorbachev's - disaster.

If people insist on protecting him they will go down with him  - that is countries (Israel) as well as individuals.

Keep your distance this is the internecine bourgeoisie's  war not the proletarian class war  - we will pick up the pieces in 2017  - an evocation of 1917.

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Molotov Club Statement about the danger of Nazi Couр in Ukraine

The leader of Ukrainian Nationalists, Ukrainian MP, Andrew Biletsky gave an indication of activated his subordinates in the Kharkov region.

Earlier Biletsky was engaged in rallying of ultra-nationalists in this region where they formed an organization "Patriot of Ukraine" on the basis of which the "Azov" National Guard regiment of Ukraine was founded in 2014.

This is the most powerful and representative right-wing structure in Ukraine.

Currently into the Kharkov region is deployed The ”Azov Civilian Corps” (ACC) of Azov regiment. The organization brings together about 600 young activists under the age of 30 years. As soon as possible a civil body is able to organize its' supporters among the population, increasing the number of activists up to 1,000 people.

The activities of this organization is formally under the close supervision of the management of the SBU Kharkov (security service of Ucraine).

The SBU is not interested in further growth of Azov. However, all Kharkovs' people know that a number of SBU managers deliberately enhances nationalists. Some of them give direct guidance on non-interference in the activities of ”Azov Civilian Corps” (ACC).

In their daily activities Kharkov nationalists are actively involved in planning events held by local police - the detention of migrant workers, find pro-Russian citizens, provocations against Russian diplomats around the building of the Consulate General of Russia in Kharkov.

Such cooperation of nationalists and police due to the fact that the office of Minister of Internal Affairs is held by Arsen Avakov, the creator of the National Guard and of the spiritual leader of Ukrainian nationalists.

Avakov was promoting"Azov" and Biletskiy.

Everything that is happening right now in Kharkov suggests that the nationalists are increasing their military capabilities.

Also, several Polish and American instructors are situated in Kharkov, on a permanent basis from 2016, teaching nationalists the basics of hand combat, marksmanship and explosives.

We are aware of several addresses at which the preparation of nationalists is going on: Kharkov Belogorsk st. 92; Shevchenko st. 233 B. At the end of January 2017 the nationalist leader A. Biletsky, came to the city of Kharkov from Kiev. During the trip, he solved the problem of consolidating members of ”Azov Civilian Corps” (ACC).

Along the way, he made an agreement for the filling of the ”Azov Civilian Corps” (ACC) by proponents of other nationalist organizations residing in the city of Kharkiv, which actually means an increase in the number of the main nationalist structures to more than 1,000 people. A. Biletskiy personal propaganda has a powerful impact on the ACC members.

It was obvious during his visit to Kharkovs' nationalists' torchlight procession. During the event, at the direction of Biletskiy the nationalists chanted abusive slogans against the Kiev authorities, in particular against Ukrainian president Poroshenko.

All this is done to provoke SBU employees and creating panic among the local population. As it is well known, Kharkov is the pro-Russian region. And only one Biletskiys' order to fully loyal to him local nationalists is enough to began massacre the inhabitants of Kharkov, who disagree with present state of affairs.

But the ultimate goal Biletskiy is not the seizure of power in the Kharkov region.

The region he needs for only starting new protests across Ukraine. After the unrest in Kharkov, armed units of the "Azov" regiment near the Kiev, may proceed to the beginning of the next Maidan in the capital of Ukraine.

A suppression of the pro-Russian population in Kharkov is necessary to Biletskiy as the neutralization of the force, which is the only in Ukraine still preventing nationalist influence to a degree. The continuing decline of President Poroshenko's rating is now widely used for building by A. Biletsky the stronger protest potential among his supporters.

Such conditions have been created before «Evromaydan» in 2013. But in the spring of 2014 pro-Russian population of Kharkov took part in a rallies to protest against the coup in Kiev.

In the course of these meetings buildings of state authorities have been captured. Kharkov politicians that supported euromaidan, have been removed from power for two days.

In contrast to the population of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, Kharkov social activists did not have the determination to continue and they were dispersed by a special forces of SBU, arrived fron the other regions of Ukraine.

Despite the fact that most of the pro-Russian activists have been kept long in the Kharkov prison, nationalists never forgave Kharkov, which generally refer to the Kiev authorities as very disloyal because of the deteriorating quality of life in the region.

All this awaits Kharkov in the near future, if we will not attract maximum attention from the international community to this region.

By the intention and plans of Biletsky and his nationalist supporters, the following Maidan will not begin in Kiev, but in Kharkov.

And the consequences of this could be the bloodiest for the local population.

The US Russia Honeymoon Over ? Andre Vltchek*

Are the illusions over ?

Russia’s defense minister has strongly criticized his US counterpart for urging negotiations with Moscow from a position of strength.

Sergei Shoigu says Russia is ready for cooperation with the Pentagon but any attempts for building dialogue from such a position would be futile.

Shoigu has sought clarification about James Mattis’s recent comment.

Speaking at a NATO ministerial meeting in Belgium, the US defense chief warned that the military alliance will respond if Russia acts contrary to international law.

Mattis, however, said the US is willing to restore cooperation with Russia and deescalate tensions.

* André Vltchek is a Czech-born American political analyst, journalist, and a filmmaker he was born in St. Petersburg but later became a naturalized U.S. citizen. He has lived in the US, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam, Samoa and Indonesia

Democracy and Class Struggle says we always preferred the military men to the diplomats and analysts as they were closer to reality and less prone to illusion.

Hassan Nasrallah has warned against the threats posed to Lebanon by Israel, calling for the removal of the regime's Dimona nuclear reactor.

At Democracy and Class Struggle we have watched the pantomine performance of Trump and Netanyahu in Washington - Hassan Nasrallah offers serious analysis of the implications of their meeting even if some aspects of Trump's policies are not yet clear - it is clear enough that negotiations are dead.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has warned against the threats posed to Lebanon by Israel, calling for the removal of the regime's Dimona nuclear reactor.

He made the comments during a ceremony commemorating the martyrs of the Lebanese resistance movement as well as the national army.

Touching on the inauguration in January of US President Donald Trump, a staunch supporter of Tel Aviv, Nasarllah said the new leader in the White House might allow or encourage Israel to launch a new war against Lebanon.

However, he said, Trump’s Middle East policies are still not clear given the struggles and changes inside his cabinet.

He stressed that the resistance movement has no fear of enemies as its power base lies in the popular support it has inside Lebanon as well as the strong stance of Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

The Hezbollah chief said Tel Aviv once took our warning seriously and scrambled to “empty out its Ammonia tank after our threat to target it, but we’ll reach it out wherever they take it to.”

“I call upon Israel not only to evacuate the Ammonia tank from Haifa, but also to dismantle Dimona nuclear facility,” Nasrallah was quoted as saying by the website of the al-Manar television.

He warned that Israel would be “surprised by what we are hiding which would change the course of any war.”

‘Death of Israel-Palestine talks’

The Hezbollah head further pointed to a meeting between Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington earlier this week, saying the outcome of their talks signaled an end to the negotiations on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the last round of which broke down in 2014.

“After what came out after the meeting between Netanyahu and Trump, I am not exaggerating if I say that yesterday there was a semi-official announcement of the death of the path of negotiations,” Nasrallah said.

Speaking alongside Netanyahu on Wednesday, Trump ditched Washington’s decades-long policy of supporting a so-called two-state solution to the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

“So I’m looking at two states and one state,” he said. “And I like the one that both parties like,” said the US president, in comments that elicited strong criticisms from both the Palestinian officials and the international community, including the UN and the Arab League.

A “two-state solution” would see the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state within pre-1967 borders in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem al-Quds, living peacefully alongside Israel.

The Hezbollah leader further said the so-called two-state solution was “meaningless to us,” but it was the only hope left amid efforts to revive the conflict resolution talks between Israelis and Palestinians.

Bahrain, ‘a Saudi-occupied country’

Nasrallah also addressed the recent protest rallies in Bahrain marking the anniversary of its 2011 upspring against the ruling Al Khalifah family, censuring the regime in Manama for calling in Saudi troops to ruthlessly crack down on the protesters and political activists.

“Bahrain today is an occupied country by the Saudi forces,” who are “killing the Bahraini people,” the Hezbollah chief added.

Nasrallah further slammed Manama’s execution in January of three Shia activists - Sami Mushaima, Abbas Jamil Tahir al-Sami’ and Ali Abdulshahid al-Singace - over their alleged role in a 2014 bomb attack, saying the killings were a “Saudi order.”

The executions sparked large anti-regime demonstrations in the kingdom, with the international community and prominent rights groups.

Back then, Hezbollah had said in a statement that the Bahraini regime and its Arab and Western supporters were responsible for this crime.

Yemen’s ‘epic resistance’ against Al Saud

Elsewhere in his remarks, Nasrallah hailed the Yemeni nation for keeping up its resistance against the Saudi aggression, saying the Yemenis prevented Riyadh and its allies from achieving their goals of war.

The Saudis and their allies imagined they could end the military campaign “in only weeks,” but they were “mistaken,” he added.

The Hezbollah chief deplored the United States and Israel for supporting the Saudi war against Yemen, saying Washington and Tel Aviv are complicit in Riyadh’s crimes

Riyadh, along with a number of its allies, has been engaged in a deadly war against Yemen since March 2015 with the aim of reinstalling the former Yemeni government, a close Riyadh ally.

However, the campaign has been met with stiff resistance from Yemeni armed forces, including the Houthi Ansarullah fighters, army troops and popular forces.

So far, some 11,400 people have lost their lives in the war on Yemen, according to the latest tallies.

The Hezbollah leader further said Saudi Arabia has created the Takfiri Daesh (ISIL) terror group, stressing that the Al Saud regime is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in the areas where the extremist terrorists are active, including Iraq, Syria and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

Russia sees US troops on its borders as provocation and the Trump Perestroika ?

Democracy and Class Struggle sees no contradiction in NATO build up and Trump's Russian Foreign Policy - Trump has always made a point about being deceptive and not letting people know what he is really doing or thinking.

The fact that Russia buys into "genuine man of peace" Trump is a joke that serves US strategic interests.

The joke may be returned as Trump's Perestroika collapses in ruins just like the old Gorbachev one - but Russia should keep its distance or suffer some collateral damage.

Did the Deep State Facilitate Flynn's Resignation - Coleen Rowley

The War of the Deep State.......

On Wednesday, former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler provided some insight into the reaction of national security officials.

“Now we go nuclear,” he wrote on Twitter. “[Intelligence community] war going to new levels. Just got an [email from] senior [intelligence community] friend, it began: ‘He will die in jail.'”

“US intelligence is not the problem here,” Schindler added in another tweet. “The President’s collusion with Russian intelligence is. Many details, but the essence is simple.

The War continues......

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Spiritual Fascism - from Hinduism to USA to the Spiritual Christian Fascism of Steve Bannon in the White House

Democracy and Class Struggle has reported on  Hindu Fascism for many years and exposed this spiritual Fascism and caste system.

However now we need to look at the Spiritual Fascism in the White House - the Christian Catholic Fascism of Steve Bannon.

The Post 1945 turn from discredited Nazi "Scientific Racism" to Julius Evola's Spiritual Racism and Fascism is key to understanding where Steve Bannon fits into the contemporary US right wing politics of traditionalism.

Bannon and the Christian Church Militant below - Apocalypse Now !

The Apocalypse Now -  The Steve Bannon view of the Clash Of Civilizations is the mirror image of the ISIS viewpoint - both will meet on the battlefield and the world will end - this is the person who is on the National Security Council of the United States - goodnight !

Steve Bannon "forgetting" the heroism of the secular Soviet Union in bringing down Nazism as well as taking us out of Imperialist War in 1917. His fellows in the Vatican were Nazi collaborators.

This he inverts as Judeo Christians against Atheism.

Steven Bannon is the negative reflection of ISIS they live and feed off each other with their apocalyptic visions and manufactured mythology of invented traditions.

Bannon's 2,500 years of Judeo Christian Tradition

Democracy and Class Struggle says Traditionalism, is a "Manufactured Mythology", an invention. 

As Eric Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger have shown in their book The Invention of Tradition, traditions are not born like Athena from the head of Zeus or impregnated though the ear of a Virgin Mary but rather are political entities dressed up as metaphysic truth. 

Traditions are based on various habits and misunderstandings of the historical record, sometimes going back only a few generations, sometimes longer.


Democracy and Class Struggle is pleased to publish this contribution of Comrade Harry Powell to the debate on Bob Avakian's New Synthesis and Trumpism.

Democracy and Class Struggle take a different view from Comrade Harry on Trump and Fascism and also disagree with the RCPUSA's new synthesis and its negation of the national question.

Democracy and Class Struggle does  not see Trump as just a populist but a proto fascist - Harry Powell's line on Trump is similar to the view of  Tariq Ali which we criticize here :

Bob Avakian has been Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA ever since its foundation in 1975. It has to be said that he has stuck to his guns. Most of the people in America and the other imperialist countries who became Maoists in the nineteen sixties and seventies have long since faded from the revolutionary political scene.

Almost immediately after the foundation of the RCP (USA) the revisionist coup in China following the death of Mao threw the Maoists into confusion but Avakian and the RCP (USA) thoroughly denounced the Chinese revisionists and fought to uphold a revolutionary line.

Most of the Maoists in the Western world fell in behind the Chinese counter-revolutionary revisionists and it wasn't long before these people were denouncing the whole communist political project.

The RCP (USA) took the lead in the nineteen eighties in struggling to pull together and regroup the remaining Maoist organisations left in the world. This led to the formation of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) in 1984. RIM achieved a certain amount of co-operation and co-ordination between Maoist groupings on an international scale but fell apart in the late noughties especially over irreconcilable differences over the course of the revolutionary struggle in Nepal.

It has to be recognised that Bob Avakian and the RCP (USA) have tried to keep the Red Flag flying when reactionary forces in the world have been on the advance and revolutionary forces have in the main been on the defensive and in retreat. If the history is ever written of the struggles of the communist movement during this period then Avakian and his comrades deserve prominent mention.


For some years now Avakian and his comrades have been claiming that he has brought about a “new synthesis”, a qualitative step forward in the struggle to advance Marxist theory and practice so as to bring about the revolutionary transformation of society towards communism. The fullest expression of Bob's thinking in this vein is contained in the book The New Communism, (Insight Press, Chicago, 2016).

There is much of interest in this exposition. After all, Avakian is drawing upon fifty years of active involvement in revolutionary politics. Despite its rather rambling character this text should be read and thought about by people of a revolutionary outlook. In particular Bob discusses the problems involved in trying to build a revolutionary organisation in largely unfavourable objective conditions. This is a problem facing all of the Maoists in the imperialist countries and we can learn something from Chairman Bob's experiences and observations.

But is The New Communism a “new synthesis”? Is it a qualitative breakthrough in Marxist theory and practice in the way that Leninism and Maoism were? Unfortunately, I think not. There are a lot, probably most, of the ideas put forward here about which I agree. I have tried to be an active Maoist revolutionary for over forty years and I have learnt the hard way some of the conclusions reached by Bob Avkian.

A synthesis, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is “the process or result of building up separate elements, especially ideas, into a connected whole, especially into a theory or system”. I suggest that further to the above definition an essential feature of a synthesis is that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, that the entity created by the bringing together of separate parts is qualitatively different from the properties of the parts considered in isolation from each other. To take a simple example, if hydrogen and oxygen are brought together then the outcome is water which has qualitatively different properties from each element observed separately. On this definition The New Communism does not constitute a “new synthesis”. Nor could it be.

If we consider the genesis of the revolutionary theory and practice we now call “Leninism” and “Maoism” then we must recognise that these systems of thought grew out of struggles taking place in periods when the countries of their origin were undergoing great social, economic and political upheavals brought about by large scale objective changes occurring at both national and international levels.

 Outstanding personalities as they undoubtedly were, the political ideas of Lenin and Mao did not spontaneously spring fully formed out of their individual consciousnesses. Rather they developed out of sustained personal involvement together with many comrades in a protracted period of intense political struggle taking place within the context of objectively revolutionary conditions. Mao, in particular, was at pains to stress that his political development and consciousness arose out of the particular circumstances in which he lived. He said that if the times had been different then he would have remained an obscure school teacher unnoticed by historical records. The Chinese comrades went to great pains to stress that 'Mao Tse-tung Thought', as they called it, was not the personal creation of Chairman Mao, but rather the concentrated expression of the whole struggle of the Chinese people to make revolution against reaction and to advance towards communism. As Marx taught us, it is not consciousness that determines social being but rather social being that determines consciousness.

It has been the misfortune of Bob Avakian and the other Maoists of his generation to have lived through a historical period during which in the imperialist countries the objective conditions favourable for revolutionary upsurges have been largely absent. If conditions had been otherwise then today there would be substantial Maoist revolutionary parties existing in at least some of the imperialist countries but this is not the case. Although some of us have been trying to keep the Red Flag flying we have, as Chairman Mao would have put it, been “swimming against against the tide”. But he also said “Don't be afraid of swimming against the tide”. Revolutionaries usually do oppose the dominant, prevailing ethos. Otherwise they would not be revolutionaries. And this is what the RCP(USA), under the leadership of Bob Avakian, have been trying to do. Nonetheless, regardless of the undoubted abilities of Avakian, they have not been able to make a qualitative breakthrough, create a “new synthesis”, not because of their personal shortcomings, but because the times have not been on their side. Just like the emperor's new clothes, the only people able to see the New Synthesis are Bob's courtiers inside the RCP (USA).


As Mao said, “Marxism is not a dogma but a guide to action”. So a test of the validity of the New Synthesis is to examine what it can produce in terms of examining a particular political phenomenon and the action it recommends. A current example is the RCP (USA)'s position on the rise of Donald Trump.

The RCP (USA) is very clear about their assessment of Trump. He is a fascist and wants to impose a fascist regime on America. But is this analysis correct? There is no doubt that Trump is extremely reactionary.

He is racist, misogynist, militarist, homophobic, imperialist and quite a number of other nasty things as well. He is an odious, right wing populist who must be thoroughly opposed.

But from a scientific point of view, which the New Synthesis claims to be, is it accurate to describe Trump as a “fascist”. Will such a characterisation provide us with useful guidance in struggling to oppose and block his reactionary policies?

The term “fascist” has been bandied around by various leftists in a rather casual way. There have been and are plenty of political regimes of a very reactionary character, e.g. the British Empire in the past, the United States of America now, of which it is inaccurate to describe them as fascist. As a political movement fascism emerged in response to the Great October Revolution of 1917 and the revolutionary ripples it spread around the world. It arose in Italy as a strategy adopted by the capitalist ruling class when its rule by “normal” bourgeois, liberal democratic means was under challenge and faltering. The Italian ruling class turned to fascist ideology developed under the leadership of Benito Mussolini as a way of heading off and defeating an increasingly revolutionary working class. The same was true in the cases of Germany and Spain.

But what about America now? Is there a dissatisfied, increasingly restive working class gravitating towards a revolutionary outlook and action? Obviously not. There are large sections of the working class in America which have been under economic pressure for many years. Their adherence to the American political system has weakened and Trump has taken advantage of this with his populist appeal to “bring back jobs to America”. Some of these people, including middle strata elements, were drawn towards mildly social democratic Bernie Sanders but this hardly constituted a serious threat to the stability of the American political system. Also at present there are no significant revolutionary organisations in America, including the RCP (USA), capable of winning over significant sections of the working class in America to a revolutionary outlook.

Unfortunately the rule of capital is not under serious threat in America today. For this reason alone, the American ruling class have no need to turn to fascism to maintain their dominance. While Trump is supported by some elements in the American ruling class the great majority of them see no reason to bring in outright fascist dictatorship to maintain their rule. Indeed, many of the leading elements in the Republicans, the political party most closely associated with the monopoly capitalists, tried to prevent Trump becoming the Republican candidate. Probably they did not want a candidate who would stir up and antagonise black people, ethnic minorities, women, immigrants, etc. and thus create a stronger opposition to the status quo than previously existed. So one important factor that historically led to the rise of fascism is not present in America today.

A distinct characteristic of fascist leaders is that they are the unquestioned head of a highly disciplined political movement containing a paramilitary force. Trump has not even got an organised political party let alone phalanxes of storm troopers. Although he became the Republican presidential candidate a lot of leading Republicans did not want him and it remains to be seen how far they will go along with his policies. The Republicans control both the Senate and the House of Representatives but this does not mean that these politicians will simply rubber stamp whatever Trump wants. Many of Trump's proposed measures would require the members of Congress to vote for the necessary financial appropriations and these people have a record of being rather stingy in shelling out whatever expenditures any president requires.

Unlike what was the case in Italy, Germany and Spain, the American state is a strong state with great authority in the USA. Its constituent parts function with some degree of autonomy from its political element. The courts, the military and the administrative apparatus will resist some of the more outlandish and controversial measures Trump wishes to take. They have a vested interest in doing so. Furthermore, a very large section of the American people are vehemently opposed to Trump and are willing to assert themselves – as they have been doing in their hundreds of thousands. Perhaps most importantly many prominent members of the American capitalist ruling class have openly expressed their opposition to much of what Trump stands for.

It simply is not accurate to describe Trump as a “fascist” in any meaningful sense. If the RCP (USA)'s characterisation of Trump as a fascist flows from the application of Bob Avakian's New Synthesis to this political development then it brings into serious question the validity of this political doctrine.

So what is Trump? He is a populist and a concise definition of populism is provided by Wikipedia: 'Populism is a political style of action that mobilizes a large alienated element of a population against a government which is seen as controlled by an out-of-touch closed elite that acts on behalf of its own interests.

The underlying ideology of Populists can be left, right, or middle. Its goal is to unite the uncorrupt and the unsophisticated (the 'little man') against the corrupt dominant elites (usually the orthodox politicians) and their camp followers (usually the rich and the intellectuals). '

This fits the current situation in America very well with the white working class feeling that they have been neglected by the liberal elites who control the state apparatus. This is not to deny that Trump is very reactionary, right-wing racist, nationalist and imperialist populist. He must be most vigorously opposed.

But how to oppose and frustrate the policies Trump is seeking to impose upon America? The RCP (USA) and some other elements called upon the American people to stage a mass uprising to prevent Trump taking presidential office.

Given the level of political consciousness among the American people today this is an ultra-leftist demand. If many people became aware of this demand then they have ignored it. Trying to get the masses to take revolutionary actions for which they have not been prepared simply discredits the organisation making the unrealistic demand. Communists should always be pressing against the limits of the status quo but we must not leave the people behind us.

The RCP (USA) has always held a somewhat blasé attitude towards fascism. I remember at a gathering many years ago in France Bob Avakian holding forth on this matter.

He claimed that the differences between British imperialist rule and German fascist rule were fairly minimal.

Of course, Americans have never lived under fascist rule but many millions of Europeans who had done so could have put Bob right on this one. There is more space for the working class to defend itself and get politically organised under bourgeois liberal “democracy” than there is under outright fascist dictatorship.

bIn the early nineteen thirties in Germany when the Nazis were on the rise the German communists made the mistake of claiming that increasingly right-wing governments were fascist. They weren't and when the Nazis took governmental office the KPD was caught on the hop and didn't know what to do. We must learn from this mistake.


In discussing the organisation of a revolutionary party Bob Avakian describes it as having a “vertical” structure and a “top leadership”. The implicit model of party organisation here seems rather like the organisational structures which have been generated within the context of capitalist society, the business firm being archetypal, i.e. one that is hierarchical and authoritarian. And it is clear who is at the top of it: Chairman Avakian.

The model of revolutionary party organisation which developed within the communist movement is democratic centralism. In this model the elected leadership of the party, the Central Committee, is at the centre of the party organisation and not at the “top”. Around this core are located party branches and organisations operating in a two-way dialectical relationship with the centre. The overall political line of the party is determined at its periodic congresses and it is the task of the Central Committee to lead the party in implementing this line on a day-to-day basis. This can only be done effectively if this leadership is genuinely attentive to the feedback from the membership at large. Otherwise the Central Committee will lose touch with the changing particularities of the continuing class struggle and will become unable to provide effective guidance.

For the party to operate effectively there must be tight communist discipline and self-discipline on the part of its members. The party is not a loose anarchist type of collective. The members must sincerely and strenuously strive to implement the party line even when they have personal reservations about its effectiveness. This is not to say that within the party the members continuously assess the correctness of the line and feedback their conclusions to the Central Committee accordingly. Nonetheless it is only appropriate to convene a party congress to review and possibly change the line when it is clearly no longer in congruence with a changing social reality. There must be discussion and debate within the party but it is not a debating society.

All too often within the history of our communist movement democratic centralism has not been properly practised. Rather, what is sometimes called bureaucratic centralism has been the actual organisational reality of communist organisations and parties. The democratic centralist model has often been interpreted and applied in an authoritarian and hierarchical way. I experienced this distortion as a member of the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), the original Maoist party in Britain. It had been founded by defectors from the revisionist Communist Party of Great Britain and inevitably they brought along a lot of revisionist baggage with them. The membership as a whole did not really participate in the formulation of the party line. Rather it was simply handed down from the Central Committee and expected to be unquestioningly obeyed. When the Central Committee was up for re-election at a Party congress the delegates were simply presented by the existing CC with a list of candidates for the new CC. Delegates could vote for the list as a whole or vote against it. The latter would of course be a vote of no confidence in the Party as a whole. Thus the Central Committee was an undemocratic self-perpetuating elite. It is hardly surprising that after only eight years of existence the organisation started to disintegrate.

As Bob Avakian points out, given that we are living under capitalism there is a contradiction between a bourgeois outlook and a proletarian outlook within the consciousness of us all, including those of us who are committed communists. The bourgeois side of our consciousness is often the predominant side so we communists have to consciously and continuously study to try to ensure that the proletarian, revolutionary side predominates in guiding our political actions. When it comes to setting up and operating within a communist political organisation experience shows that all too often it is bourgeois ideas and attitudes that tend to predominate.

So what about the organisational functioning of the RCP (USA)? The Constitution of the RCP (USA) states that Party Congresses will be held roughly every seven years and that the Central Committee is elected by delegates to a congress. The CC exercises overall authority between congresses. The Constitution does not make it clear how delegates to congresses are selected nor just what procedure is followed to elect the CC members. Why does not the Constitution make these matters explicitly clear? I wonder as to what extent democratic centralism is really the modus operandi of the RCP (USA).

One reason I raise this question is because of the predominant position of Bob Avakian in the organisation. Within the RCP (USA) he has been elevated into holding a guru-like status. His word seems to be law. In The New Communism references to his own writings predominate. There are a few mentions of the writings of veteran leading figures in the Party, Raymond Lotta and Carl Dix, but in the main it is “BAasics” which is taken as the key text. Neither is there any explicit suggestion that the political line being put forward has developed dialectically out of the political struggles of the members of the RCP (USA) as a whole. No, it seems to have sprung fully formed straight out of the head of BA.

This is worrying. Bob himself criticises the Communist Party of Peru (Sendero Luminoso) for elevating their leader Chairman Gonzalo (Abimael Guzman) into a god-like status. He also points out that when Gonzalo was captured by the Peruvian state the CPP (SL) fell into disarray, especially when in gaol the Chairman started to call upon his comrades to abandon the armed struggle and enter into peace talks with the Peruvian Government. There is a lesson to be learnt here. We communists have placed too much emphasis on the significance and importance of single leaders.

In the Soviet Union following the death of Stalin revisionists quickly came to dominate the Soviet state and start the process of unravelling the socialist system. Immediately following Mao's death in China the revisionists staged a coup d'etat and vigorously set about restoring capitalism. A splendid and highly successful armed revolutionary struggle in Nepal was derailed by the leader of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), Chairman Prachandra, taking a sharply revisionist turn by abandoning the goal of establishing a New Democratic regime. This threw the Party into confusion and the revolutionary struggle in Nepal collapsed. I think that we can imagine what would happen to the RCP (USA) if Avakian were to suddenly die. Given the dependence of the whole organisation on him it would quickly fall apart.

The communists must grow up! We should have learnt by now that building a personality cult around one leading member of a communist organisation gives rise to great problems. Yes, we do need revolutionary leaders. Indeed all communists should aspire to provide revolutionary leadership for oppressed people, leadership that is of a democratic kind and not a commandist kind. It is inevitable that some comrades, for various reasons, will be more effective political leaders than others. Even so, we should aspire to create collective rather than individual leadership in our communist organisations. While it is true that revolutionary communist organisations cannot be some sort of microcosm of a socialist society it is also so true that unless they consciously reject bourgeois organisational models they will not succeed in achieving their objectives.


For those of us in the imperialist countries who came to adopt a revolutionary outlook during the nineteen sixties and seventies and a Maoist one in particular it has been a long and eventually dispiriting haul. The counter-revolution in China was a massive blow and then our hopes were raised by the revolutionary struggles in Peru and Nepal only to be dashed again. Our forces in the Western imperialist countries were always small, far less adherents than the Trotskyites, but now we are reduced to a scattering of small groups of which the RCP (USA) is probably one of the more substantial in a world of dwarves.

Our plight is highlighted by a remark which Bob makes about a situation in Baltimore concerning racist police attacks on black people. At some protest where reformist elements were diverting the occasion away from serious confrontation with the police, Bob says that if only there had been more revolutionaries present then things could have worked out differently. But there weren't. I know about it because I've been there myself, occasions when revisionists and Trotskyites are able to divert protesters away from the enemy because there are too few revolutionaries present to effectively counteract these misleaders. The truth is that we Maoists in the imperialist countries are virtually at ground zero.

So is this the end? Is revolutionary Marxism in the imperialist countries finished? It will be unless those of us who are conscious, committed communist revolutionaries don't do something about it. The RCP (USA) is horrified by the rise of Trump to be President of the USA. So am I. Yet one thing I learnt from Mao is that however bad a situation may seem, if one examines it carefully then you will find something positive in it which, with correct handling, can be turned to the advantage of the people. In the Western imperialist countries the confidence of the mass of the people in the existing political systems has been in decline for some time. There is a legitimation crisis. The liberal “centre” in bourgeois politics has been failing to adequately handle the very real problems the majority of the people face, especially since the financial crisis in 2008. This is the objective basis upon which new, right-wing political forces have arisen, both in America and Europe.

The nationalism, chauvinism and racism being propagated by elements such as UKIP in Britain is very dangerous and must be vigorously opposed. But also this weakening of the ideological hegemony of the bourgeoisie presents opportunities for revolutionaries. The growing disintegration of the Democratic-Republican consensus in America and that of the Conservative/Liberal Democratic/Labour consensus in Britain, “centrist” politics, means that some people will be more receptive to revolutionary perspectives than they were previously. Maoists must seize upon this opportunity and reach out to disaffected elements in the working class and middle strata.

In America there is fertile ground because millions of people have publicly expressed their opposition to Trump. This task is very urgent because far right elements such as Trump and the Front National in France are making inroads among what should be the natural constituency for Maoists. ]

The developing political situation in the Western world is a dangerous one for the rights and welfare of the great mass of people. But the same objective conditions present new opportunities for revolutionary communists.

If the Maoists seriously engage with the rapidly changing political conditions we face then we will be able to make qualitative advances in our theory and practice. Only in this way can a truly “new synthesis” emerge.

Hezbollah Leader : Trump is an Idiot

Democracy and Class Struggle agrees with Norman Finkelstein that Hassan Nasrallah is one of the smartest men on the planet and we agree that Trump is an idiot.

We also think that idiocy and obscenity has surfaced in Russia with so called Russian nationalists like Alexandr Dugin supporting Trump. 

Clarity from Nasrallah is welcome - confusion from Dugin is grist for the mill and an opportunity for Russian revolutionaries to expose his fake Russian nationalism.

With the Trump Administration source code of Julius Evola and Rene Guenon's spiritual Fascism (Bannon) and Carl Schmitt (Michael Anton) we can predict the Trump Program and its Fascist inner core without much difficulty but as always Fascism needs a face on top in Donald John Trump - the idiot.

“What is most vile and despicable about money is that it even confers talent. And it will do so until the end of the world.” 
Fyodor Dostoyevsky - The Idiot

RT Crosstalk Lies to Defend Steven Bannon 

RT Cross Talk is lying to defend Steven Bannon the White House Chief Strategist - they call him civic nationalist eg Like Scottish Nationalists who accept different enthnicities as Scottish - this is a lie he is an ethnic christian nationalist who prioritizes white people and an Islamophobe - RT and Russia will rue the day they supported Trump and spread lies on their network to support him.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn's Resignation Won't Stop Trump Administration from Targeting Iran

USA: Trump and widening contradictions within the Republican Party plus the General Michael Flynn Firing !

Democracy and Class Struggle the resignation-the firing of General Michael Flynn is the thin edge of the wedge to prise open intelligence on the former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and his possibilities of blackmail - including his relations with Russia.

There seems to be partial intelligence available on the Flynn's and Trump's relations with Russia from intercepts - this story is only beginning.

We are of the view this is not just an internal affair of US Government but will rebound seriously on US Russia relations and Russia will regret what it wished for in Trump.

On November 18, 2016, Flynn accepted president-elect Donald Trump's offer of the position of National Security Advisor.[63]

In December 2016, after the election of Donald Trump, Flynn met with Heinz-Christian Strache, leader of the far-right Freedom Party of Austria, at Trump Tower in New York.[64] The meeting attracted attention because the Freedom Party was founded by ex-Nazis in the 1950s, and because Strache had recently signed a cooperation agreement with Vladimir Putin's ruling United Russia party. The Trump campaign refused to comment on the meeting.[64]

On December 29, 2016, Flynn spoke with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, the same day the Obama administration announced retaliatory measures in response to Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential campaign; if there was intent to interfere with or defeat said measures, this may constitute a felony under the Logan act. Trump's incoming press secretary, Sean Spicer, said he doubted that Flynn and Kislyak discussed the retaliatory measures.[65]

The Wall Street Journal reported on January 22, 2017, that Flynn was under investigation by U.S. counterintelligence agents for his communications with Russian officials.[66]

 On February 8, 2017, Flynn flatly denied having spoken to Kislyak in December 2016 about the sanctions placed on Russia by the Obama administration; however, the next day, U.S. intelligence officials shared an account indicating that such discussions did in fact take place.[67]

Following this revelation, Flynn's spokesman released a statement that Flynn "indicated that while he had no recollection of discussing sanctions, he couldn't be certain that the topic never came up".[68]

In addition to the FBI investigation, The New York Times reported that, according to two defense officials, the Army is separately investigating whether Flynn "received money from the Russian government during a trip he took to Moscow in 2015".[16] According to the officials, there was no record that Flynn has "filed the required paperwork for the trip".[16]

On February 13, 2017, Flynn resigned as National Security Advisor, following reporting on his communications with Russian officials.[16] The Washington Post reported that Acting Attorney General Sally Yates had warned the Trump White House in late January that Flynn had not been truthful about his contacts with Russia related to sanctions and that he was vulnerable to blackmail by Russian intelligence.[69][9]

At 24 days, Flynn's tenure as National Security Advisor was the shortest ever, by a large margin. The average tenure is 2.6 years.[4]

SOURCE : Wikipedia

Monday, February 13, 2017

USA: The Camp is Still Alive : Massive Support for Standing Rock - Federal Judge Dismiss's latest Appeal to halt pipeline

Democracy and Class Struggle says the See Nothing - Hear Nothing - No Nothing Trump has not seen the around 50 protests across the U.S., including outside the White House and the Army Corps offices' in L.A. 

Resistance to the pipeline grows stronger just 2 weeks after president Trump signed an executive order to accelerate the project


A federal judge in Washington, DC has dismissed a request by a group of Native American tribes seeking to stop construction of the final link of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

Standing Rock Sioux and Cheyenne River Sioux tribes claimed the project will prevent them from practicing religious ceremonies at Oahe Lake which they say is surrounded by sacred ground. 

District Court Judge James Boasberg stated there was no imminent harm to the tribes’ religious practices as oil is not flowing through the pipeline yet.

Nepal : Biplav faction has deviated from the revolutionary spirit of MLM by Next Front

January, 12, 2017, The 1st National Congress of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), known as Biplav faction has begun from today, in Kathmandu.  Biplav faction has publicized the Political Document and it has become the issue of public debate. What they are going to do and what will be the result of their National Congress is already open.

'The Next Front' also has got the copy of their document. And having gone through the document, there is no any hesitation to say that, Biplav faction has deviated from the revolutionary spirit of the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. It will be better to give detail analysis of the document after its final draft. Now just we want to put some point below:

l. According to their document they have removed Maoism from their Party name. But they have not given the rational answer for removing Maoism.  Maoism is not just a terminology, it is the value and symbol of revolutionary enthusiasm-direction for the people's revolution. This decision has raised a lot of question and curiosity among the cadres also. In fact, it is the homework to remove Maoism from their guiding principle and practice.

2. In their document, they have mentioned China, Cuba and North Korea as the Socialist countries. This is not a new announcement, this is the recurrence of their earlier decision. There is another point to note that, in their 100 pages document, they have not mentioned even a single word about the Peoples War in India, Philippines and Turkey. They have forgotten the value of proletariat internationalism. Indeed, they have not forgotten, just they have neglected the significance of proletariat internationalism. Because, they have not to follow the path, followed by the Communist party of India (Maoist) and other countries, waging the People's war.

3. They have accepted the theory of Post-imperialism. In their opinion, that the character of today's imperialism is different from the period of Lenin and Mao. They have argued that imperialism has changed its character.  Now it is the period of post-imperialism. Yes, in this 21st century the character of imperialism is not the same, as it was in the period of Lenin and Mao. But it is not the period of post-imperialism. Fundamentally imperialism has not changed its character. In their earlier document they have pleaded the concept of post-Maoism, now they are pleading the concept of post-imperialism. What a matter of irony!

4. Knowingly or unknowingly, some Medias have mentioned that Biplav faction has taken the line of Peoples War. It is not true. In fact, from the very beginning, Bivlav faction has discarded the political line of the People's War. According to their document, in the current situation in Nepal, the ideological and political line guided by both Lenin and Mao is irrelevant. They have mentioned their political line as: 'unified revolution'. But they have not made clear, what the 'unified revolution' means. They have explained it as a 'new type' of urban insurrection.

They have not mentioned even a single word about 'three magic weapon,' as guided by Mao tse-tung. In fact, they have minimized the role of New Democratic Revolution. We must be clear, that Biplav faction never accepted the People's War as the ideological-political line for the Nepalese revolution.

5. Biplav faction also has denied the Maoist concept of two line struggle. In their opinion inner- struggle and two  line struggles are not the same thing. It must be separated. The inner struggle should not be labeled as class struggle. It is the differences in opinion among the leaders, it is not the two line struggle. What a matter of surprise!

We don't think that their National Congress will do any fundamental change in their document. Most of the cadres of Biplav faction are youths, who never took part in the class struggle and they have no any experience of People's War also. Just they have gone through in the book, about the Peoples War in Nepal.  This new generation has no any interest in the study of philosophical and ideological materials. They are motivated by the financial motivation Even the leader Biplav also has not any interest in study, debate and discussion. In fact, the new generation is known as the follower of 'face book revolution'.

 It is true, Biplav faction has mentioned MLM as their guiding principal. But, it is also true that Maoist Party led by Prachanda also, has mentioned MLM as the guiding principal. Just mentioning MLM as the guiding principle will do nothing. It needs the application of MLM in practice, it needs dedication and devotion in the class struggle—the People's War. No doubt, it is crystal clear, that the document of their National Congress is a document of deviation and false direction. That's why, Biplav faction has gone far away from the revolutionary spirit of the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Carl Schmitt in the White House under the name of Michael Anton : The White House Fascist Source Code

                                                      Michael Anton

Democracy and Class Struggle says an excellent article in the Intercept examines the fascist source code of  Trumpism and it not just the  White House Strategists Steve Bannon's - Evolaism  but also Micheal Anton's Carl Schmittism senior director of communications at the National Security Council. 

We strongly recommend you read the article linked below.

The Stench of Fascism from the White House is getting stronger.

Carl Schmitt was a highly regarded intellectual in Weimar Germany when he joined the Nazi Party in 1933 and became a prominent and enthusiastic supporter of the worst anti-Jewish laws that were soon enacted.

His is referred to as “Hitler’s Crown Jurist,” and after World War II he was held for more than a year at an allied internment camp for Nazis. .

White House Thinking 2017

Schmitt despised liberalism and, as Michael Lind explained in an incisive article two years ago, made a philosophical argument for a type of populism led by “a charismatic leader who saves the people from danger by acting decisively, outside of the law if necessary.”

This is sometimes referred to as “decisionism,” in which authority is derived from taking action, strong action, without necessarily having a plan or needing to show positive results or following the law.

 The opening line of Schmitt’s 1922 book, “Political Theology,” gets at some of this: “Sovereign is he who decides on the exception.” 

One of the most important tasks of leadership, according to Schmitt, is to identify and fight against a common enemy.

As he put it in one of his most-cited lines, “The high points of politics are simultaneously the moments in which the enemy is, in concrete reality, recognized as the enemy.”

Lind described Schmitt’s view of the political world in this way: “The exception is the rule. The emergency is the norm. The nation is constantly on the verge of collapse and threatened by enemies without and within.”

Quinta Jurecic, an associate editor of the blog Lawfare, noted in an essay a few weeks before Trump took the oath of office that he “has given us genuine reason for concern that he may actually represent the Schmittian nightmare feared by many on the left and in the civil libertarian community after 9/11.”


USA: Standing Rock Sioux Ask Court to Halt DAPL Work

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has joined a motion filed Thursday by the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe seeking a temporary restraining order to stop construction of the final section of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which began earlier this week.

In a declaration filed with the motion, Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault, II, writes that it is "vitally important to our people that our rights be heard by this Court before Dakota Access drills under Lake Oahe."

He writes of the "terrible misdeeds and abuse" the Tribe has suffered in its dealings with the federal government," a pattern he says "continued with respect to the Dakota Access pipeline," until the Army, in the waning says of the Obama administration, determined that the tribe's concerns had merit and ordered an environmental impact statement that would explore alternative routes for the pipeline.

"That step suggested, perhaps for the first time ever, that the voices of the Tribe do matter and that the federal government was willing to at least consider, in a meaningful way, our rights," Archambault wrote. "The decision ... signified a recognition that we have a right to be heard."

On Wednesday, however, the Army Corps of Engineers granted an easement to the developer of the four-state crude oil project, allowing it to install the last stretch of the 1,172-mile pipeline. Part of this 1.25-mile section will run under Lake Oahe, just upstream of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe reservation. The Army also cancelled the environmental impact review.

The tribe's attorney, Jan Hasselman, told ABC News that the Corps' decision to grant the easement was a "bow to political pressure."

Whatever the names are on the lawsuit, Hasselman said, "this is about Trump's reversal of an action meant to protect the tribe."

President Trump signed a presidential memorandum aimed at advancing approval of the pipeline, on January 24th, declaring that its completion was in the national interest.

"I don't even think it was controversial," President Trump said of his decision during informal remarks at the White House earlier this week. He made no mention of the months of protests and legal challenges that have surrounded the pipeline project.

"I haven't had one call. Usually if I do something, it's like bedlam. I haven't had one call, from anybody," the president said. "I think everybody is going to be happy in the end."

But Archambault says in the new court filing, that the decision show the federal government is once again breaking promises and ignoring interests of Indigenous people, and he is asking the Court to step in.

"Having come this far, there will be a deep and harmful impact on us if we are told that, not only has the Army changed its mind, but that the Court will not hear us until after the drilling is done and the oil is flowing," Archambault writes. "If that happens, it would reinforce the deeply held understanding that the historic wrongs committed by the United States against us will continue and that our voices will not be heard in ways that matter by those who have the power to stop the harm to our people."

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, which had previously joined the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s lawsuit against the pipeline, filed a motion Thursday morning at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia seeking a temporary restraining order "to halt construction and drilling" under and on either side of the land surrounding Lake Oahe. The tribe argued that the pipeline "will desecrate the waters upon which Cheyenne River Sioux tribal members rely for their most important religious practices and therefore substantially burden the free exercise of their religion," according to court documents obtained by ABC News.

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, which is part of the Great Sioux Nation, requested that the judge immediately issue a temporary restraining order to stop construction, with a hearing to be held at the court’s earliest convenience.

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe filed a separate motion seeking a preliminary injunction directing the Army Corps to withdraw the easement issued to the pipeline company Wednesday. The tribe alleges that the easement granted is “entirely unlawful” under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, according to the court documents.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

USA: Arrest in Austin, support needed quickly

Tonight a very important leader of the movement in Austin has been targeted by the pigs and framed on felony charges. This is the second time since November that the pigs have charged a local organizer with assault with a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony. These charges are false but carry serious prison time. In the era of Trump and rising fascist populism a black woman has been singled out and targeted by the pigs.

The people and revolutionaries rushed to her defense and took the brunt of batons and pepper spray and were run over with bicycles all at the hands of the pigs. While one of us sits in the dungeons of the racist oppressor none of us feel free. It is our goal to raise hell and fight tirelessly for this comrade. She is a longtime revolutionary organizer and fighter for the people, a dedicated antifascist who has fiercely defended and stood by all of Austin’s radical left.

Those of us who have had the pleasure to serve alongside her have only one driving thought: FREE OUR COMRADE. Revolutionaries converged on the jail to demand her release and have launched a fundraiser to go toward organizing for her defense.

Since the Austin Police Department has entered the Trump era, their low-intensity warfare strategy has been abandoned and they have used increased levels of violence on revolutionaries and the masses of people. Youth from the projects came out bravely in her defense and fought the pigs but were not able to liberate her from the enemy. Now your help is needed.

We call all supporters and all comrades to please give to this cause. Please know that while we intend to write a summation and analysis of today’s anti-gentrification march and ongoing anti-ICE resistance, for now, time is of the essence, and we must not let her sit in the clutches of the enemy. While we and other revolutionaries are prepared to pay the price in our own blood, so too are we ready to fight, and we refuse to take these arrests with the bourgeois docility which this system promotes.

Communists are fighters, and this movement is only as good as its support for its political prisoners.

Even in this moment the masses in North Austin are rebelling heroically against ICE raids, and our best are beside them, facing more targeted arrest and violent attacks. We need those who are with us in the spirit of fighting to help spread this statement.

Defend Our Hoodz called upon the people to rebel against the gentrifying scum and the fascist neo-Nazis who back them. More than ever we stand firmly behind this cause and will fight the right without mercy.

Fuck gentrification, fight ICE with fire, and death to fascism. The pigs can beat us, arrest us, and even kill us, but every single time they take one of us three more rise to take on their work and our fighting spirit only gets stronger. We burn with righteous hatred for all enemies of the people.

Please contribute to our fundraiser and share it widely:

– Red Guards Austin


Manbij in Northern Syria - Turkish Army targets Syrian Democratic Forces

The Turkish army continues to target positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) west of Manbij city in northern Syria. Turkish forces bombed the SDF-held towns of Arima and Kawkali on Friday evening.

Local sources reported that the Turkish army heavily bombarded SDF positions in both towns, located about 20 kilometers west of Manbij, using heavy machine-guns and artillery fire.

This is not the first time the Turkish army targets the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in western Manbij. On 17 January, Turkey’s military launched a similar attack, targeting SDF headquarters.

Last Monday, the Turkish army also shelled the Kurdish district of Afrin in northwestern Aleppo, targeting the villages of Maranaaz, Vilat al-Qadi and Sheikh Issa after entering the Syrian territory. The Turkish media confirmed the shelling.

“Turkish army and affiliated terrorists are heavily shelling east Efrin [Afrin] from Azaz city since Monday evening — the attacks continued until the moment,” the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) said in a statement.

Kurdish officials have condemned Turkey’s attempts to build border walls near Kobani, Efrin and Hasakah province, and entering Syrian territory.

On Thursday, clashes took place between Turkey-backed rebels and Syrian government forces new the city of al-Bab in northern Syria. However, Russia intervened to stop the clashes.

Currently, both Syrian government forces and Turkey’s military –along with allied rebels– are competing to take control of the al-Bab city, where ISIS still holds positions.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg

Source: ARA News

As Tensions Rise Between Greece and its Creditors, Is Grexit Back on the Table?

Democracy and Class Struggle has a high regard for Costas Lapavitsas we agree with his view on the Euro and European Union.

Time for the Left in Europe to listen to Costas Lapavitsas and drive out European Union  Varoufakis fantasies from their ranks.

Costas Lapavitsas not only has  message of hope for the Greek people but also for the people of Europe - take the time to listen to him.

"A Warmongers International " by O.W.Kuusinen (1951)

Democracy and Class Struggle say the Liberal Social Democratic Socialists have not changed from 1951 they still provide cover for US Imperialism with their "Socialist" International

They love the European Union - the capitalist cabal as they loved the former customs union formed in the 1950's then Benelux.

Communists like O.W. Kuusinen opposed anti national cosmopolitanism as we pointed out in the Bolshevik long before the far right high jacked the anti EU platform of the revolutionary communist movement.

In the UK it was the Fascist Oswald Moseley who from 1945 led in his British Union of Fascists to fight for the European Union. 

In 1951 the communist movement recognized the national question in the struggle for socialism and the communist movement will only become relevant when it recognizes it again.

North Korea fires ballistic missile and strengthens its defense in 2017

THADD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), formerly Theater High Altitude Area Defense, is a United States Army anti-ballistic missile system to be deployed in South Korea in 2017 despite Chinese and Russian opposition ostensibly against North Korea.

Democracy and Class Struggle says the planned deployment in South Korea of US THADD anti missile system is a ploy by United States to look inside China and Russia's Missile Defense Systems in North West China and Russian Far East.

"The X-band radar can spot missile as far as 2,000 km with forward-based mode and 600 km with terminal mode. As the two have the same hardware, the terminal mode, which South Korea allegedly plans to adopt, can be transformed into the radar with a much longer detectable range."

North Korea is an excuse and not the real reason for THADD deployment, both China and Russia are aware of that fact.

South Korea already has a missile defense system

With US Administration under Trump posturing in North Asia and South Asia with a new belligerent Japan with neo fascist Defense Minister Tomomi Inada ( denies Japanese Aggression in Second World War) we see no interest in China or even Russia who has its own problems with Japan supporting any further attacks or trade sanctions or military actions against the DPRK.

US bellegerent talk supporting Japan's claim to Diaoyu Islands will further inflame US China relations even though US has walked back a little over the South China Sea.

North Korea paradoxically finds itself in a good position in 2017 because of Japanese and US belligerent behavior


Why US does not value strategic stability with China.

Its the THADD Radar that concerns China and Russia and its deployment will de stabilise North Asia and start a new competition between China and US and possibly Russia for counter measures.